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S.L. "Spud" Clements Award


It is difficult to sepaerate Spud Clements "the man" from Spud Clements "the politician," but where Center Place was concerned Spud's untiring support far surpassed his political obligations.  He was truly a servant of his community, but to those who know him, it was obvious that Center Place held a special place in his heart.


Perhaps Spud had a vision of what a vital role Center Place would play in our burgeoning community.  Whenever Center Place needed help and support he was directly and personally available.  Spud spearheaded efforts to secure state grants for Center Place that kept us financially stable through our lean years and helped to furnish our new facility.  He kept his significant contributions in the background while he fondly watched the Center grow and flourish.  The smile on his face when the building was opened was not for his own involvement, but rather reflected the opportunities that he knew Center Place would have to serve our growing community.


The S.L. "Spud" Clements Award is given to an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to Center Place either monetarily or through giving of time and efforts unselfishly.


Past recipients are: Pat Worthington, Jane Gilblair, Susan Saunders, Paul & Tammy Holmberg, Bill & Connie Durkin, The Brandon League of Fine Arts, Gene Bishop, Sue Allen, Sandy and Ardie Mac Kinnon, Ralph Stoddard, Vince Ferraro, Brandon Commercial Centers, Carol Todd Johnson, Patricia B. Odiorne, George Anello, Community Roundtable, Diana Hagemann, Larry Cox, Debi Kyle, Nancy Kelley, Lisa Rodriguez, John & Kay Sullivan, Flora Temoin and Dot Mahieu.




The 2017 Spud Clements Award will be presented to a person, whom I have had the honor of getting to know on a personal and professional level, whose efforts have made a difference.

Pat has shown all of these qualities and so much more:

Generosity, a willingness to give your time to others
Understanding, because their lives might be very different from your own
Empathy, an ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and feel what they must feel
Compassion, to truly care about making someone else's life better
Patience, because the process doesn't always go as smoothly as it might
Dedication, to stick with the project and see it through

 Pat has also served on our board of directors from 2008-2010.  She has given many hours of time and devotion to our gift shop, calling volunteers and helping to organize the gift shop schedule.

She and her husband have supported ALL of our Center Place events over the years.  Many, many hours of their time, dollars and support.  Her husband even makes great handmade golf clubs!

She also enjoys the theater, she is part of Kappa Kappa, and The Southern Company Chorus.  With her continued dedication to Center Place and the arts she permeates leadership and kindness.  I would like to say “Thank You” to a woman of action and not just words.  I am honored to present this years “Spud Clements” award to Pat Worthington.