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Colored Pencil Art


Instructor:  Ron Grote 


Colored Pencil Art

Colored pencils are not smelly or messy; they are portable;
and they are fun.  Do you want to go beyond the coloring book and create art using colored pencils? 
Colored Pencil Art class is for you.  
The Colored Pencil Art class is aimed at anyone wanting to create art using colored pencil as their media. 
Participants will begin with step-by step projects from Ann Kullberg’s Jump Start kits.  Step by step instruction will utilize Prismacolor Premier colored pencils.  In addition to using “white” papers, students will have the opportunity to create colored pencil drawings on colored paper and black paper. 
Upon completion of initial step by step exercises, students may continue using step-by-step material or create original colored pencil drawings from you’re the student’s references while receiving additional assistance.




After retirement, Ron decided to take the graphite drawing course offered by Center Place for the Arts and taught by Tim Mandese.  In addition, Ron also sought out instruction on the internet and through commonly available books.  He has won ribbons for graphite and colored pencil drawings created over the last 6 years.  As the result of being exposed to numerous artists’ approaches, Ron creates pictures using a light touch and layering techniques to develop the subject.




Tuesdays 12:30 pm-3:30 pm


Tuesday, January 7, 14, 21, 28
Class Price $54

Tuesday, February 4, 11, 18, 25
Class Price $54

Price per month.


Supply List Below.



Supply List


Colored Pencil Art -- Suggested Materials


Colored Pencil Setminimum 48 pencil set (Buy the largest set you can afford.  Not watercolor pencils.  Avoid student grade and generic pencils.)  Suggested brands:  Prisamcolor Premier; Derwent: Procolour, Coloursoft or Lightfast; Blick Studio Artists’; Caran d’Ache Luminance; Faber-Castell Polychromos. Most brands have individual pencils available in “open stock.” Local sources – Blick Art Materials, Tampa; AOE Supply, Tampa.  Internet: [Blick Art Materials]; [Jerry’s Artarama].  Other local sources, but selections are more limited – Office Depot, Staples, Michaels, JoAnn Fabric & Crafts [Be sure to use coupons!] 

Basic Paper:  9” x12” pad of Bristol Vellum (not Bristol “Smooth”)  Suggested brands: Strathmore Bristol Vellum, 300 or 400 series, Canson Bristol Vellum [Canson also makes XL Recycled Bristol pads that are 2-sided – Vellum on 1-side and Smooth on the other]

Graphite Drawing Pencils (F, HB or B)

Pencil Sharpener Handheld or electric (corded or battery powered).  [Spiral cutter sharpeners are better than single blade sharpeners]

Kneaded Eraser (large or medium size preferable)

Vinyl Eraser (white plastic – block and/or click type)

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser (round) (small white eraser for detail areas)

Scotch Magic Tape (for making corrections)

Masking or Artist’s Tape (to tape paper to drawing board)

Soft bristle brush (to brush off eraser debris and pigment crumbs)

Copy Paper (to place under hand while drawing)


OPTIONAL SUPPLIES (nice to have, but not essential)

Tracing, sketchbook or newsprint paper (for preliminary concept drawing) (These papers are not recommended for colored pencil drawings as they are too flimsy)

Graphite transfer paper (Saral Transfer Paper comes in sheets or rolls in 5 colors--graphite, red, white, blue and yellow)

Stablio ALL 8052, White pencil and Stabilo ALL 8046, Black pencil (marks on Paper, Glass, Plastic or Metal)

Stylus, popsicle stick, and/or golf tee (for embossing)

Colorless blender pencil

Tombow Sand Eraser for ink and colored pencil

Workable Fixative (to reduce/prevent wax bloom)


Colored Pencil Art

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

For Initial Step by Step Projects



917—Yellow Sunburst, 1002—Yellowed Orange, 924--Crimson Red, 902--Ultramarine, 909--Grass Green, 935—Black, 938—White


938--White, 1087--Powder Blue, 992--Light Aqua, 103--Cerulean Blue, 1027--Peacock Blue, 901--Indigo Blue, 947--Dark Umber. 935—Black

Candy Canes

938—White, 1084--Ginger Root, 926--Carmine Red, 923--Scarlet Lake, 1004--Yellow Chartreuse, 913--Spring Green, 909--Grass Green, 1090--Kelp Green

Mountain Goats

938--White, 948--Sepia, 1003--Spanish Orange, 915--Lemon Yellow, 941--Light Umber, 940--Sand, 935--Black, 921--Pale Vermillion


938—White, 140—Eggshell, 1052--30% Warm Grey, 1070—30% French Grey, 1081—Chestnut, 935—Black Prismacolor Verithin 734—White



All Prismacolor Premier and Prismacolor Verithin pencils are available individually in open stock.  Blick Art Materials (Westshore Dr, Tampa) and AOE Art Supply (near USF) carry these in open stock.


NOTE:  Step-By-Step instructions for above projects will be available in the class. 



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