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Wet and Wild Creations 2


Instructor:  Jennie Sikora-Muehl





Wet & Wild Creations 2

An advanced painting class for students that have taken
a number of the original Wet & Wild Creations classes
and want to take their artistic talents to another level. In this class we will paint, draw, design and work on sharpening
our painting techniques to improve our self- expression.
We will step out of the box in this class and paint on a
number of different surfaces using an array of different
paints and techniques.



Ages 10 - 18

Jennie Sikora- Muehl is a ceramic artist specializing in hand built tableware and sculptures made from earthenware clay.  She has taught many ceramic classes, participated and worked with many master potters and has worked side by side with the native potters of Nepal. Her biggest inspirations come from the joys of using antique ceramic heirlooms.  “I hope the touch, feel and use of the pieces I have created inspire great cooking and conversation.”






Thursdays 6:30-7:30 pm

Thursday, March 7, 14, 28
$30 members / $40 non-members

Thursday, April 4, 11, 18
$30 members / $40 non-members


No May Classes

Price per month          Supplies are included


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