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Center Place Rental Information






Center Place Fine Arts provides a rental venue for private events such as weddings, birthdays, group meetings and many other functions.  It has a kitchen, buffet room, grand room overlooking a pond, with deck access, and beautiful surroundings. 


Center Place Fine Arts can accommodate a maximum of 120 people
for weddings and parties.


Rental Rates:
Please call Center Place for current rates.  813-685-8888








CENTER PLACE WILL RETAIN ANY OR ALL OF THE DAMAGE DEPOSIT IF THERE IS MISUSE OF THE FACILITY. Examples of misuse which have resulted in retaining part or all of the Damage Deposit:


1. Smoking and/or sale of alcohol in the building forfeits entire deposit.


2. Evidence of birdseed, rice, or any similar materials as in RULE 7.


3. Leaving trash and garbage in the Center and surrounding area.


4. Moving art, cases or equipment around the Center.


5. Excessive hours.


6. Damage of art, equipment, furniture or the building.


7. Unusual clean-up required after an event.


8. Tampering with the air conditioning/heater thermostat.


9. Carpet damaged by cake icing, candle drippings, etc.


10. Use of Center equipment not already rented.


If all or part of a Damage Deposit must be retained after your event, Center Place staff will be the sole determining agent in assessing the extent of the damage and determining cost of repair, replacement or clean-up. Center Place will select repairmen as needed and determine the date of repair, replacement and clean-up. 


CANCELLATION: In the event that you cancel the event at any time following the signing of the Contract, regardless of the reason for such cancellation, the following rules shall apply:


A. If your event is cancelled for any reason Center Place will retain the entire Damage Deposit.


B. If you cancel the event at least TEN weeks prior to the event, Center Place will refund all rental fees paid to date, excluding the Damage Deposit.


C. If you cancel the event less than TEN weeks prior to the event, then Center Place will retain the entire Damage Deposit plus 50% of the rental fees, and refund to you the remaining 50% of the rental fees paid to date. 


If the Damage Deposit is insufficient to reimburse Center Place for repair or replacement of damaged property caused by your event, you will be required to pay Center Place for the full amount of any such damage costs in excess of the Damage Deposit.


Extra hours can be purchased for $100 each hour.  If the extra hours are not attached to your 7-hour rental time there is a 2-hour minimum.  For example you're renting from 5-12 midnight, and you would like to come in at 9am to set up, there would be a 2-hour minimum additional rental.  However, if you wanted to come in at 4pm to set up, you can rent the additional single hour.


Everyone must be out of the building by midnight. Center Place has a 15’x18’ Dance Floor.  You may serve alcohol but you may not sell it.   If you choose to serve alcohol, there is a $50 overseer charge; this is good for four hours of event time.  If you serve alcohol for additional time, each additional hour is $10.


Tables and chairs are available for your use for no additional fee.  Our chairs and tables are not permitted outside of the building.  When the contract is signed we will work with you to make a floor plan.


Center Place is equipped with a standard household kitchen for warming purposes, but does not offer catering services or linens. 


We have a beautiful deck area that is located directly behind our Grand Room that is available for your use at no additional charge.


If you choose to have your event catered, we require the caterer to also sign a contract, provide proof of Insurance and make a $100 deposit.  If your caterer is just dropping off food for your event the caterers contract and deposit are not required.


For additional information, please contact the Center Place office at 813-685-8888.


Additional Rental Information:


FLOOR PLAN (Click Here)